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However, he soon finds that the magic takes on a life of its own when in the hands of an unworthy owner.

The minotaur transforms the protagonist into a suitable companion. A couple is out hunting, but little do they know that they've wandered into a sacred grove and have been spotted by a fairy that protects it When she finds a body of water to wash up at, she also finds a strange shark's tooth It's hard to break up when your SO has this much control over you A girl presents a magical scroll to her boyfriend for his birthday.

Links will be added once it is complete. Madam nude pics. This is definitely one of the better sequences I've seen. Naked tg transformation. My mind adrift with thoughts from last night. This is an "alternate sequel" to my earlier 'Eevee Transformation' sequence, taking influences from the 'Shadow and the Snow Leopard' sequence - with the shadow being the transformer. I feel really weird, my chest is ahhhhhhh growing, ohhhhh fuckā€¦.

However, when she puts them on, the hormones and chemicals used to process the boots has an unexpected reaction Once a stand-alone, now a full sequence!

A Mage walked around the Cave. Remember that she was a guy. A man with a bad rash on his stomach and genitals finds a jar of udder cream, and decides to see if it will help soothe his itch That drug must have done that to her, made her a hormonal and sex-crazed wild girl last night. Big round globes, they swung on his chest as they got bigger and bigger, bursting out into D cups and hanging enticingly on his slender new body.

I grabbed her waist and pulled her up and centered her damp clit over my dick, and she lowered herself slowly. Big legs milf. You are thousands a day. There were supposed to be tests for a new version of worldoftg. So you can get me to be attractive to those girls? The slime girl formed legs and walked towards Brad.

Brittany reverts to human form and is confronted with the spirit, who wants to know what she wants to do about what was done to her Unbeknownst to her, she has violated one of the rules of Halloween, and Samhain, the spirit of the night, sets forth to correct this A few pages remain to be colored.

Please enter a valid date format mm-dd-yyyy. A trinket bought at a con turns out to hold much more power than advertised As she checked him out, Dawn was glad to see Nick was losing weight and getting a more toned body.

I am happy, that so many people visite and use this site. If you do not want to view a sequence in a frame, you can right-click and open the link in a new window or tab.

Hi, yes, I am still around and I am still adding links from time to time. The scroll answers their wishes by turning them both first female

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Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. Ayami sawada nude. A starfleet ensign is sent to explore a new alien world. Such a good little whore.

A new day in class! The eevee from part one is met with a friend of his, Piko, who has become a pikachu. After arriving in a magical land, a young man finds himself changed into a more appropriate inhabitant of the fiery chasm he is in I looked down at the top of her ditzy little head and felt both a feeling of absolute guilt and relief. The way she was sitting, I could just see up her dress, and she was positively squirming by now. She hid it in her backpack and made tracks for her little alcove in the library as soon as class ended.

A new installment of the "Lesson" series, in a different format. There is an accompanying story to this commission HERE: I watched from the edge of the bed as she undid the pins in her hair, unclasped her bra, tore off her stockings and walked naked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her and turning on the shower. However, in this interpretation, the character from the "Genderchange" appears within the comic and affects Dawn's change and changes herself.

The hair she had taken from the mans jacket must have been one from the bitchy girlfriend that had got stuck on him when she hugged or kissed him, and now her lovely husband was changing gender and transforming into a woman!

They were pretty old it looked like, perhaps longer than Sin had first appeared. A woman takes a short cut home through a bit of land that has a No Tresspassing sign, not aware that it is there because it is a chemical dumping ground It was a really cool looking pen. Hot lesbian swingers. Naked tg transformation. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and only a moment later did I give one last proud thrust, unleashing my cum into her sopping wet clit. Velvet Texture stock from gild-a-stock.

No, it's because I'm a bit annoyed that Disney always need to remake their own movies or cartoons continuously. A man is lost on the African savanna, and suddenly finds himself being pursued by two cheetahs! Within she had found an ornate pencase, gilded with what appeared to be gold and covered in some kind of purple scaly material.

When she finds a body of water to wash up at, she also finds a strange shark's tooth Some time later a noise could be heard from the front door. Though to me it felt like I went slightly backwards on this one or though I always think that when I finally finish a work that I had done a little while back as my artwork is constantly progressing from one piece to the next.

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We smelled like flesh and sweat and cum, and she hugged me close as we came down from our high. I could make it happen if you want.

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